Do You Enjoy The Music Playing At Work? Science Says: Probably Not!

Music has existed for nearly as long as humanity itself has existed. It has evolved from the tribal drums of war and celebration into the immense pool of humanity's collective emotions and stories that we have today. It is widely accepted that listening to music can have a wide range of emotional, psychological, and physiological effects …

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A Beautiful World, a Short Story

DAY 1: The shuttle just dropped me off, and this satellite is supposed to be my home for the next year. OmegaCorp has provided an AI, called VERA. It isn’t great company, though. I am pretty sure they only installed it for diagnostic scans of the satellite. I’m supposed to be taking notes on the ecological suitability of this planet for colonization, but the corporation also provided an uncapped extranet feed. So I think I foresee quite a few vids in my future.

My new blog. How exciting.

I have been commanded by my corporate overlords to create this blog. I think I will use it to post subversive materials. First up, a well-researched article about the effects of their brainwashing store music. Then perhaps some good short stories. How fun. "Insert your favorite witty and/or inspirational quote here." — Howard Phillips Lovecraft, …

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